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What is a thermal store?

A thermal store type cylinder contains a body of water which is maintained at a constant temperature. This water is then circulated throughout the central heating system and provides the necessary temperature for a heater exchanger in the top of the tank to convert mains pressure cold water into useable domestic hot water.

What is a fortic cylinder?

A fortic cylinder (or combination cylinder) has its own integral header tank fitted to the top of the unit. It is a vented product and has mains inlet to the cold section at the top which is controlled by a ballcock. These products have a lid on top.

What is a direct cylinder?

A direct cylinder is heated purely by electric immersion heater and can either have one electric immersion heater or two. Generally when a cylinder has two electric immersion heaters it is an economy 7 type to run on off peak electricity.

What is an indirect cylinder?

A indirect cylinder has a coil inside which is connected to either a gas or oil boiler or woodburning stove or other type of external heat source.

What is an unvented cylinder?

An unvented cylinder has no header tank and runs straight off the mains and requires an expansion vessel.

What is a vented cylinder?

A vented cylinder is generally fed from a header tank somewhere above the cylinder generally in the loft or the top of an airing cupboard.

What grade of cylinder do I need?

Grade 1 for a working head of up to 25 metres (2.5 bar pressure)
Grade 2 for a working head of up to 15 metres (1.5 bar pressure)
Grade 3 for a working head of up to 10 metres (1.0 bar pressure)

What type of warranty do I get with my cylinder?

Standard Domestic Vented Cylinders and Tristor/Tristar thermal stores carry a 2 year warranty against failure due to a manufacturing defect or the effects of corrosion*.

The Typhoon CR range has a ten year warranty against failure due to a manufacturing fault or the effects of corrosion*.

The Tornado/Tempest range of stainless steel unvented Cylinders have a warranty of two years on the third party components. The stainless steel body has a lifetime warranty against failure due to a manufacturing fault; provided that the cylinder has been installed and maintained correctly and two years against failure due to the effects of corrosion.*

*The cylinder must be connected to a public water supply and be installed correctly.

The above applies to Cylinders fitted in Great Britain and Northern Ireland only.

Is it safe to purchase online?

It is safe to order online using a credit or debit card. We also offer the choice of purchasing equipment via telephone. You can also visit one of our stores.

Can I return my purchase?

Yes. You are entitled to return your purchase. Please see our returns policy.

Why are your products so cheap?

Our Cylinders and Combination tanks are branded UK products such as Telford . we can offer such excellent prices because our policy of buying in bulk. This means we are able to pass on savings to the end customer, and ensures we've always got the item you need ready for dispatch.

When will my product arrive?

For delivery on Vented and Unvented cylinders please call 0161 748 5662